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Reading her emails was a new ADDICTION and always left
                  me thirsting for more.

                  It just didn't matter how busy I was, just one email from


                  And I would find myself driving 2 hours just to see her for 2

                  minutes on her lunch break at work.

                  Romantic dinners, long walks and dancing turned into an
                  everyday activity.

                  Then, I felt a change inside me.

                  Now other women didn't make my heart jump, even if they

                  were truly gorgeous.

                  But whenever I was around Karen, my stomach would
                  flutter with the most magical FEELINGS ever.

                  That’s when it finally hit me…

                  I wanted to belong to Karen and needed her to be my


                  One evening while we were sitting around with a drink in
                  our hands, my right arm somehow got itself around Karen's


                  Suddenly, I couldn’t hold my mouth anymore and hungrily


                  "When I am not with you I find myself thinking about you."

                  "I can't explain this feeling but you're all I think about.

                  You're all I dream about. You're all I actually want."
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