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Once this email reaches him his mind will suddenly snap

                  The first email will leave him FEELING such uncontrollable

                  DESIRE that he'll naturally surrender to you without a
                  second thought.

                  The second email will intensify this DESIRE into a DEEP

                  And the third email grows this into such a ravenous

                  obsessive NEED that he'll forget every other woman.

                  And will be left thirsting for your LOVE all day long.

                  This is so darn easy that you might have to convince
                  yourself that you're not dreaming it up.

                  That DETACHED boyfriend or UNLOVING husband will now

                  ROMANTICALLY confess his love in a 101 different ways.

                  If you're single then EVERY WONDERFUL MAN within a 50

                  mile radius will feel an indescribable gravitational pull
                  towards you.

                  That once commitment phobic man will now feel that

                  sealing the deal with a ring will be the biggest
                  ACHIEVEMENT of his life.

                  And that long lost ex will now be plotting a MILLION WAYS to
                  win you back even if it's been months or years since the

                          How Can I Be So Sure?
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