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She Then Softly Allowed Her Lips To

                                          Meet Mine…

                  And from there on, I was in heaven.

                  Things went on like this for a few weeks until I noticed a

                  Now her kisses were not as TENDER nor LOVING.

                  She no longer looked at me with the same level of

                  So I finally mustered enough courage and bluntly asked Her

                  "What are we Karen? Are we together? Are we a couple?"

                  with a desperate look of hope in my eyes.

                  She took a long pause but when she finally answered, her

                  voice cracked.

                  “Miles, things happened so quickly between us that I didn't
                  get an opportunity to tell you everything about me."

                  "What things?"… I asked feeling a strong sense of uneasiness.

                  "I am a professional dating coach and I've been teaching

                  women the secrets to attracting the man of their dreams"

                  "Although I didn’t mean to, but I might have used some of
                  these secrets on you".

                  "Listen Karen" I said feeling a huge sigh of relief.
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