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P. 6

I immediately exchanged numbers with Karen as now I was
                  going to use Karen as a short cut to get to that "PRETTY

                  But that evening, Karen sent me 3 emails that were so
                  hypnotic, so mesmerizing that it shook my world upside


                  The moment my eyes consumed the words of her email.

                  My mind suddenly went blank and I FELT drawn to her as if

                  there was a string in my chest pulling me towards her.

                  I couldn't help but re-read the EMAIL and now my knees

                  turned into jelly, heart started to race and my fingers
                  automatically dialed her number.

                  And within seconds, I was asking her out on a date like a

                  teenager as I chewed my nails nervously hoping she would
                  say YES.

                  We met for dinner next day and in a flash I felt so
                  hypnotized that I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and couldn’t
                  even nod.

                  I felt like every word out of her mouth transmitted this
                  energy to me which was intoxicating and completely


                  I looked intently into her eyes and saw a new softness that
                  secretly turned me on.

                  Watching the way her lips curved, making apples of her rosy
                  cheeks raised goose bumps all over my body.

                  And the way she moved her cute chin up and down made
                  little sparks of ATTRACTION dance through my chest in a
                  way I had never known before.

                  I wanted to say so much but I was so mesmerized that I just
                  stared at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

                  The evening went by quicker than I wanted.
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