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I just couldn't let this gorgeous Barbie slip away from my
                  fingers so I sneakily approached the lady on the treadmill
                  and made small chit chat.

                  Her name was Karen.

                  Briefly the Romeo inside me tried to come out again but

                  after a closer analysis…

                  I noticed that Karen was chubby and dark eyed with a flat
                  pale face.

                  Actually dumpy looking.

                  I felt a little internally turned-off but still maintained my

                  composure because she was my only way to GET to the Hot

                  Being the smooth talker that I am, I had Karen under my

                  SPELL within seconds.

                  Then I cleverly shifted the conversation and got her to talk

                  about the hot blonde.

                  She revealed that the HOT BLONDE was her friend from
                  work who dropped by as she was also planning on joining

                  this fitness club.

             On Hearing This, My EVIL Brain

       Started To Cook A FUN Little Plan.
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